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In Hatchet, this would be the woods surrounding a small lake in Canada.
a) setting
b) theme
c) plot
d) atmosphere

In The Outsiders the idea that violence does not solve problems could be described as a _________.
a) theme
b) suspense
c) plot
d) irony

In the popular story The Three Little Pigs what would most likely be the theme?
a) Taking short cuts often causes problems.
b) Brick is a superior building material
c) Pigs are smarter than wolves.
d) Everyone builds things in their own way.

Brian's struggle to come to terms with the fact that he may not be rescued is an example of __________.
a) internal conflict
b) climax
c) external conflict
d) suspense

In Goldilocks and the Three Bears what helps build suspense?
a) The bears finding things in the house that Goldilocks has disturbed while she is still in the house
b) Goldilocks findig the bear's house in the woods
c) The bears leaving their food on the table as they leave to go on a picnic
d) Goldilocks being discovered by the bears and running away

What is a theme in Hatchet?
a) never give up
b) divorce damages all involved
c) waiting for help can pay off
d) don't eat too many gut cherries

What is the setting of the Outsiders?
a) A mid-size city in Oklahoma in the 1960's
b) A small town in southern Virginia in the 1960's
c) New York City in the 1950's
d) Los Angeles in the 1980's

In the Outsiders, the socs and the greasers have what can best be descibed as __________.
a) external conflict
b) irony
c) resolution
d) internal conflict

In the Outsiders Bob's murder is an important part of the ________________.
a) plot
b) internal conflict
c) setting
d) theme

Goldilocks being discovered by the bears is the ______________ of that story.
a) climax
b) irony
c) plot
d) theme

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