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What time period label is the same as BC or Before Christ?
a) AD
b) BCE
c) CE
d) no label

If there is no label beside the date, it is
a) CE or AD
b) not really a date
c) BCE
d) BC

What date does not exist.
a) 1 AD
b) 1 CE
c) 1
d) 0 Zero

The BIGGER the number is for a BC or BCE date the______ it is.
a) later
b) scarier
c) earlier
d) prettier

The BIGGER the number is for AD/CE or no label, the _______________it is.
a) later
b) scarier
c) earlier
d) prettier

Timelines are read from
a) back to front
b) front to back
c) right to left
d) left to right

Should a timeline have equal spacing?
a) no
b) not sure
c) I have no idea
d) yes

Do events get put in between the equal spacing?
a) no
b) yes
c) not sure
d) whoops

What is the meaning of CE?
a) cold eggs
b) Common Era
c) correct English
d) cats eat

What does AD: ANNO DOMINI mean?
a) Year after we ate chicken
b) Happy New Year
c) Year we got lost
d) Year of our Lord

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