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One astronomical unit (AU) averages about______.
a) 39 million kilometers
b) 93 million kilometers
c) 210 million kilometers
d) 150 million kilometers

A scientific idea that is well tested and widely accepted by the scientific community is called a scientific______.
a) theory
b) hypothesis
c) inquiry
d) method

What is the shape of a planet's orbit?
a) parabolic
b) elliptical
c) circular
d) irregular

Which law states that each planet revolves so that an imaginary line connecting it to the sun sweeps over equal areas in equal time intervals?
a) first law of planetary motion
b) second law of planetary motion
c) third law of planetary motion
d) law of universal gravitation

Which scientist discovered that Venus has phases , just like the moon?
a) Ptolmemy
b) Kepler
c) Galileo
d) Copernicus

What movement of earth is responsible for night and day?
a) perigee
b) precession
c) rotation
d) revolution

According to the third law of planetary motion, the period of revolution of a planet is related to the planet's ____.
a) orbital speed
b) size
c) distance to the sun
d) gravitational attraction

The apparent westward movement of a planet against the background of stars is called______.
a) universal gravitation
b) rotation
c) revolution
d) retrograde motion

The geocentric model of the universe stated that____.
a) Earth revolved around the celestial sphere.
b) the sun was the center of the universe
c) Earth was a (wanderer)
d) Earth was the center of the universe

The distance, measured in degrees, north and south of the equator is referred to as_______.
a) longitude
b) the prime merdian
c) latitude
d) poles

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