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A person who believes that government should be active in supporting social and political change.
a) liberals
b) liberalism
c) communism
d) socialism

A political ideology that is opposed to all government action except as necessary to protect life and property.
a) libertarianism
b) libertarians
c) laissez faire
d) conservatives

A person who believes that people should be allowed to do and say what they want without any interference from the government.
a) libertarians
b) liberals
c) libertarianism
d) liberalism

A political entity's externally recognized right to exercise final authority over its affairs.
a) national sovereignty
b) order
c) police power
d) rights

Established ways of social behavior. Maintaining order is the oldest purpose of government.
a) order
b) national sovereignty
c) police power
d) globalization

The authority of a government to maintain order and safeguard citizens' health, morals, safety, and welfare.
a) police power
b) order
c) national sovereignty
d) rights

Equality in political decision making; one vote per person, with all votes counted equally.
a) political equality
b) political ideology
c) social equality
d) national sovereignty

A consistent set of values and beliefs about the proper purpose and scope of government.
a) political ideology
b) political equality
c) order
d) police power

Benefits and services, such as parks and sanitation, that benefit all citizens but are not likely to be produced voluntarily by individuals.
a) public goods
b) equality of opportunity
c) communitarians
d) government

The benefits of government to which every citizen is entitled.
a) rights
b) political equality
c) social equality
d) national sovereignty

Equality in wealth, education, and status.
a) social equality
b) political equality
c) public goods
d) rights

A form of rule in which the central government plays a strong role in regulating existing private industry and directing the economy, although it does allow some private ownership of productive capacity.
a) socialism
b) social equality
c) equality of opportunity
d) equality of outcome

A political philosophy that advocates unlimited power for the government to enable it to control all sectors of society.
a) totalitarianism
b) socialism
c) capitalism
d) liberalism

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