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The first permanent English settlement in the New World was…
a) Jamestown
b) Quebec
c) Roanoke
d) Plymouth

To encourage settlers to move to Virginia, England granted 50 acres of land to those who purchased a ticket to settle in the colony. This was known as…
a) Salutary Neglect
b) Joint-Stock Company
c) Headright Syste
d) Indentured Servant

Which English settler is known for bringing tobacco to Jamestown?
a) John Smith
b) John Rolfe
c) William Bradford
d) King Charles II

France’s first colony in the New World was…
a) New Canada
b) Toronto
c) Quebec
d) Winnipeg

The Virginia House of Burgesses…
a) Was appointed by the King of England
b) Was the first legislative government in America
c) Signed the Mayflower Compact
d) Gave land grants to those who purchased tickets to Jamestown

Which of the following was not a colonial region?
a) Middle
b) Southern
c) New England
d) Yorkshire

The Puritans were responsible for settling what colony?
a) Pennsylvania
b) New York
c) Jamestown
d) Plymouth

Why was education so important within Puritan values?
a) Showed intelligence
b) In order to read the bible
c) To become merchants
d) To be able to read the King's demands

Which of the following resulted in the New England Puritans gaining a firmer control over their territory?
a) Powhatan Rebellion
b) French and Indian War
c) French and Indian War
d) King Phillip's War

Who was the proprietor of Pennsylvania?
a) John Smith
b) William Penn
c) John Rolfe
d) King Charles II

What was the conflict between Roger Williams and Puritan leader?
a) Williams was not a devout Christian
b) The Puritans kept taking the land from the Native Americans without compensation
c) He was a religious separatist- he wanted religion and government to be separate.
d) He felt Puritan ministers were not needed in society

What was the result of Anne Hutchinson’s conflict with Puritan leaders?
a) She fled to England for safe haven
b) She was banished from the colony
c) She established a Quaker colony in Pennsylvania
d) She was executed for her convictions

How did the mid-Atlantic colonies population differ from the other two colonial regions?
a) More homogeneous
b) Smaller in population
c) More culturally diverse
d) Higher percentage of Puritans

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