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A political philosophy that opposes government in any form.
a) anarchism
b) capitalism
c) liberalism
d) socialism

The system of government that favors free enterprise (privately owned businesses operating without government regulation).
a) capitalism
b) anarchism
c) democratic socialism
d) libertarians

A political system in which, in theory, ownership of all land and productive facilities is in the hands of the people, and all goods are equally shared.
a) communism
b) capitalism
c) liberalism
d) anarchism

Those who are willing to use government to promote both order and equality.
a) communitarians
b) conservatives
c) socialism
d) totalitarianism

A person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.
a) conservatives
b) liberals
c) communism
d) public goods

A socialist from of government that guarantees civil liberties such as freedom of speech and religion.
a) democratic socialism
b) laissez faire
c) libertarianism
d) capitalism

The idea that each person is guaranteed the same chance to succeed in life.
a) equality of opportunity
b) equality of outcome
c) freedom of
d) political equality

The concept that society must ensure that people are equal, and governments must design policies to redistribute wealth and status so that economic and social equality is actually achieved.
a) equality of outcome
b) equality of opportunity
c) political equality
d) globalization

Immunity, as in freedom from want.
a) freedom from
b) freedom of
c) rights
d) order

An absence of constraints on behavior, as in freedom of speech or freedom of religion.
a) freedom of
b) freedom from
c) order
d) rights

The increasing interdependence of citizens and nations across the world.
a) globalization
b) national sovereignty
c) social equality
d) political ideology

The legitimate use of force to control human behavior; also, the organization or agency authorized to exercise that force.
a) government
b) globalization
c) communism
d) order

An economic doctrine that opposes any form of government intervention in business.
a) laissez faire
b) anarchism
c) socialism
d) political ideology

The belief that states should leave individuals free to follow their individual pursuits.
a) liberalism
b) communism
c) capitalism
d) anarchism

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