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The primary reason the Quakers settled in Pennsylvania was to?
a) find gold deposits
b) escape debtor's prison
c) practice religion freely
d) avoid paying taxes

Which attitude helped the colonists win the American Revolution?
a) I care most about having peace
b) I am always loyal to the king
c) I need to protect my own land
d) I am hoping to move to the city

Before the Civil War, the North supported tariffs in order to?
a) pay the cost of transporting runaway slaves
b) pressure Britain into buying American cotton crops
c) protect factory owners from foreign competitors
d) prevent families in the South from receiving goods

French explorers cooperated with American Indians by?
a) becoming large landowners
b) adopting foreign religions
c) sharing farming techniques
d) establishing trading posts

Cactus Hill is the location of an important discovery about the?
a) site of the Kwakiutl homeland
b) early humans in North America
c) first settlement in Jamestown
d) early trading markets with Europe

- People have natural rights, - Governments were formed to protect those rights, - People have a duty to change governments that violate those rights. Which document contains these philosophies?
a) Intolerable Acts
b) Mayflower Compact
c) Proclamation of 1763
d) Declaration of Independence

Which product was most associated with the Southern colonies?
a) Livestock
b) Fish
c) Grain
d) Tobacco

After the Civil War, Confederate currency was?
a) safe in Southern banks
b) used until it wore out
c) traded for United States dollars
d) worthless in economic value

Cause: Population growth in the Eastern states - Effect: ?. Which action best fills in the question mark?
a) Increased trade with Canada
b) Start of a war with Mexico
c) Immigration from the European continent
d) Expansion towards the Pacific Ocean

Which two continents are described as parts of a single landmass?
a) Europe and Africa
b) Asia and Africa
c) Europe and Asia
d) Australia and Antarctica

The Continental Divide is a part of the?
a) Sierra Nevada
b) Coastal Range
c) Rocky Mountains
d) Appalachian Highlands

Which American Indians lived in eastern North America
a) Iroquois
b) Kwakiutl
c) Inuit
d) Lakota

Served as Union Naval Captain, Decorated for heroism, Served as Congressman following the Civil War. Which person is described by this list?
a) John Brown
b) Frederick Douglass
c) John Paul Jones
d) Robert Smalls

The speech which included the statement 'Give me liberty or give me death' was made to?
a) warn the British government
b) oppose the slave trade
c) inspire colonial patriotism
d) encourage French support

- Missouri Compromise, - ?, - Kansas-Nebraska Act. Which action best completes this list?
a) Compromise of 1850
b) Monroe Doctrine
c) Tariff of 1832
d) Great Compromise

The speech which included the statement 'give me liberty or give me death' was made to?
a) warn the British government
b) oppose the slave trade
c) inspire colonial patriotism
d) encourage French support

French and Indian War Ended, ?, Colonist dissatisfied with British rule. Which event best completes this diagram?
a) Taxes imposed on the colonists
b) Taxes placed on British soldiers
c) Taxation opposed by British merchants
d) Taxation controlled by the colonists

Robert E. Lee refused to take command of the Union forces during the Civil War because he?
a) Believed the South would form a new country
b) Thought Ulysses S. Grant would make a better general
c) Would not fight against his home state
d) Did not think it would pay him enough

Lewis and Clark's expedition was the result of actions taken by?
a) George Washington
b) John Adams
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) James Madison

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