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Use socks to cover my _______ at night.
a) feet
b) hand
c) eyes
d) ears

I can taste different flavor with our....
a) teeth
b) tongue
c) knees
d) lungs

We use our ________ to see our world.
a) neck
b) foot
c) hands
d) eyes

I jump high because I have strong ......
a) head
b) shoulders
c) legs
d) mouth

When I hug my mom tight. I use my long.....
a) arms
b) lips
c) back
d) nose

I can smell things using my.....
a) ears
b) nose
c) eyes
d) hand

I use my ________ to make intricate crafts.
a) head
b) stomach
c) hands
d) heels

We use our _____________ to chew food
a) eyes
b) toes
c) wrist
d) mouth

_______ are very important organs in the respiratory system.
a) arms
b) shoulders
c) finguers
d) lungs

I put a scarf around my ________ when it is cold.
a) chest
b) legs
c) nose
d) neck

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