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An organism is:
a) made up of cells with a nucleus
b) made up of cells without a nucleus
c) any living thing which is made up of cells
d) an animal that is made up of cells

Cells are
a) the building blocks of life
b) smallest part of a living thing that performs all life processes
c) made of atoms
d) all of these are correct

Biologists use the ___________ system of measurement.
a) imperial
b) metric
c) customary
d) natural

The scientific name of an organism is made up of the :
a) genus and species names
b) species and common names
c) kingdom and phylum name
d) genus and common names

Biology means:
a) studying plants
b) studying animals
c) naming organisms
d) the study of living things

A biome is
a) a habitat
b) any large area with similar climates and organisms
c) the weather in an area
d) an ecosystem

a) is found in bacteria
b) is found in the nucleus
c) is the blueprint of an organism
d) all of these are correct

Giraffes got their long necks:
a) by stretching up into the trees to get to food
b) because giraffes always had long necks
c) because those with long necks got more food and had more babies
d) None of these is correct

A food web begins with what type of organism?
a) producer
b) herbivore
c) carnivore
d) omnivore

In a food pyramid what level has the greatest amount of biomass?
a) the producer level
b) the primary consumers
c) the secondary consumers
d) the carnivores

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