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What is the definition of option?
a) an opinion
b) a choice
c) an owner
d) flexible

What is the definition of inevitable?
a) unlikely
b) surprising
c) unavoidable
d) inactive

Bullies are _____ they take pleasure in hurting others.
a) patron
b) passive
c) malicious
d) impose

When she was falsely accused of stealing a classmate's gold chain, the student became very _____.
a) impose
b) defer
c) passive
d) indignant

What is the definition of impose?
a) to spy
b) to improve
c) to selfishly bother
d) unlikely

Don't _____ all homework assignments with busywork. Homework can increase one's understanding of a subject.
a) impose
b) equate
c) malicious
d) option

Becky _____ to raise money for Christmas presents by selling candy and cookies door to door.
a) impose
b) endeavor
c) defer
d) inevitable

What is the definition of defer?
a) to give in
b) to want
c) to object
d) to exchange

Taylor is very _____. He waits for things to happen instead of making them happen.
a) insincere
b) inactive
c) flexible
d) mean

What is the definition of patron?
a) an advertiser
b) an owner
c) to try
d) a customer

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