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Universal means...
a) to save for later
b) to enjoy
c) throughout time
d) throughout the world

What is the vocabulary word for one of a kind?
a) unique
b) active
c) hardly noticeable
d) boring

What does subtle mean?
a) peaceful
b) slight
c) obvious
d) limited

The teacher hoped to ________ her students' interest in reading by choosing books that related to their own lives.
a) recognize
b) convey
c) stimulate
d) devise

What is the definition of savor?
a) having many abilities
b) to enjoy
c) to ignore
d) to save for later

The police had ______ a plan to catch the thief but he escaped on the freight elevator.
a) convey
b) devise
c) versatile
d) unique

What is the definition of convey?
a) to communicate
b) an action
c) slight
d) to forget

The vocabulary word for a wrong belief is...
a) savor
b) stimulate
c) vivid
d) delusion

Edie is the most _____ person I know: she paints, sings, does gymnastics and is a math whiz.
a) dull
b) universal
c) versatile
d) vivid

What does vivid mean?
a) bright
b) pale
c) dull
d) out of control

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