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What time do you notify teacher by when absent?
a) 7 am
b) 8 am
c) 9 am
d) 10 am

What grade do you receive if you are fired from your Practicum Training Site?
a) B
b) C
c) D
d) F

Who do you talk to if you are having a problem at your Practicum Site?
a) Friend
b) Parent
c) Mentor
d) Teacher

Who must be present while you are at your Practicum Site
a) Parent
b) Teacher
c) Coworker
d) Supervisor level employee

Do you have to report to your Practicum site on school holidays?
a) No
b) Yes
c) If your mentor requests

How many days do you have to find a Practicum Site?
a) 30 days
b) 15 days
c) 10 days
d) 5 days

What do you fill out each week?
a) Timecard
b) cell phone log
c) Weekly Timesheet
d) Monthly Journal

How many hours must be attend Practicum class and site each week?
a) 1.5 hours
b) 5 hours
c) 10 hours
d) 15 hours

Who evaluates you each 9 weeks?
a) Teacher
b) Mentor
c) Parent
d) Friend

Do you have to make up missed hours?
a) Yes
b) No

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