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The powers of local Virginia governments are granted directly by the
a) Virginia Circuit Court
b) Constitution of Virginia
c) United States Attorney General
d) Constitution of the United States

Scheduled Meetings. General Assembly 8 am; District Court 9 am; Board of Supervisors 10 am.; Governor 11 am. WHICH MEETING WOULD A PERSON ATTEND TO HEAR ONLY LEGISLATION CONCERNING THE LOCAL COUNTY?
a) 8 am.
b) 9 am.
c) 10 am.
d) 11 am.

In a criminal case, a jury determines -
a) How much money one person needs to pay another person
b) Whether someone is guilty of breaking the law
c) The best way to settle a disagreement between two people
d) Whether a person's plea deal can be accepted

How are implied powers most often used by the United States Congress?
a) To help carry out expressed powers
b) To force the executive branch to sign new legislation
c) To encourage citizens to vote
d) To give the government veto powers

Which power is a responsibility of the Virginia General Assembly?
a) Exercises judicial review
b) Approves the state budget
c) Regulates the economy
d) Administers state bureaucracy

Which action is an example of political lobbying
a) The governor gives special advice to legislative members
b) A mayoral candidate holds a campaign rally for registered voters
c) The local newspaper exposes corrupt practices in election campaigns
d) A health group asks legislators to pass tougher antipollution laws

1. Strong work ethic. 2. Computer literacy. 3. Positive attitude. WHAT IS THE BEST TITLE FOR THIS LIST?
a) Characteristics that Employers seek
b) National Requirements for All Jobs
c) Personal Training Courses Offered by the Federal Government
d) Outdated Skills Due to Technological Advancements

Which is an example of a proprietorship?
a) Edward owns a restaurant. He is responsible for all of the restaurant's debts.
b) Roberta owns stock in a steel company. She receives a portion of the company's profits.
c) Juan and Phillip own a bookstore. They are both responsible for the bookstore's debts.
d) Janet and Miriam own a flower shop. They share equally in the shop's profits.

Lawsuit Filed Against Major Store for Unfair Sales Practices: THIS HEADLINE DESCRIBES A CASE INVOLVING
a) civil rights
b) property rights
c) employee rights
d) consumer rights

Which is the best action the government can take to increase the amount of funds available for businesses?
a) Borrow money
b) Lower Taxes
c) Balance the budget
d) Reduce consumer demand

Which action represents a way the federal government can promote business competition
a) Punishing polluters
b) Regulating investors
c) Enforcing tariffs
d) Prohibiting monopolies

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