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Which of the following is an example of matter?
a) An Idea
b) Oxygen
c) Electricity
d) Sound Waves

What are the metric Prefixes from Smallest to Biggest?
a) milli, centi, deci, Base unit, Deka, Hecto, Kilo
b) milli, deci, centi, Base unit, Hecto,Kilo, Deka
c) Kilo, Hecto, Base Unit, Deci, Centi, Milli
d) Deka, Kilo, Hecto, Base Unit, centi, deci, milli

What unit would I use to measure length in science class?
a) Feet
b) meter
c) liter
d) gram

What unit would I use to measure mass in science class?
a) pounds
b) meter
c) liter
d) gram

How many atoms are present in the chemical formula NaCl
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

What elements are found in C6H12O6?
a) Calcium, Helium and Oxygen
b) Carbon, Helium and Oxygen
c) Calcium, Hydrogen and Oxygen
d) Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen

If Potassium nitrate is dissolved in water, what is the solute?
a) potassium
b) Nitrogen
c) potassium nitrate
d) water

If Potassium nitrate is dissolved in water, what is the solvent?
a) potassium
b) nitrogen
c) Potassium Nitrate
d) water

What is the density of a piece of wood that has a mass of 25 g and a volume of 29 g?
a) .86
b) 1.16
c) .68
d) .98

You are left a copper statue in a will that has a density of 8.9 g/ml. You have no use for a statue so turn it into an earring. What is the density of the earring that weighs .1g?
a) .1
b) 89
c) .89
d) 8.9

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