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A process in which an organism body maintains a stable internal environment.
a) Stimulus
b) Metabolism
c) Homeostasis
d) Mitosis

An organism made up of two or more cells.
a) Bicellular
b) Multicellular
c) Polycellular
d) Unicellular

The combinations of chemical reactions that build or break down materials that are essential for life.
a) Chemical reactions
b) Homeostasis
c) Metabolism
d) Osmosis

When an organism responds to environmental factors.
a) Stimulus
b) Homeostasis
c) Metabolism
d) Diffusion

A single celled organism is said to be _____.
a) Multicelluar
b) Monocelluar
c) One-celled
d) Unicellular

When a new organism was developed by budding and has a single parent.
a) Asexual Reproduction
b) Sexual Reproduction
c) Multicellular
d) Unicellular

Sexual Reproduction is ____
a) When a new organism has a single parent.
b) When cells from two different organisms unite to produce the first cell of a new organism.
c) When cells multiply rapidly.
d) When cells undergo the process of meiosis.

The smallest unit of an organisms that can be considered alive.
a) organisms
b) metabolism
c) multicelular
d) cells

Marine Biology is the study of ___.
a) the chemical and physical structure of the ocean.
b) the wind and current patterns of the ocean.
c) the interactions between living things in the ocean.
d) the interactions between plate tectonics and the ocean floor spreading.

The science that is the study of invertebrates and vertebrates.
a) Biology
b) Zoology
c) Botany
d) Marine Biology

The science that seeks to understand the living world.
a) Biology
b) Science
c) Chemistry
d) Ecology

Evolution is the ______.
a) study of how the world started.
b) ability of organisms to survive daily events.
c) ability of a population of organisms to change genetically over a long period of time.
d) ability of how a single organism developed a new skill.

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