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Professional boundaries are predetermined practices that protect the _____ of the client and the therapist.
a) property
b) safety
c) interests
d) needs

_______ is the study of the standards and philosophy of human conduct.
a) Standards
b) Morals
c) Boundaries
d) Ethics

The way a practitioner manages _____ sets clear boundaries.
a) time
b) money
c) appearances
d) self-disclosure

Which one of the following is NOT a sign of a client's discomfort?
a) Withdrawal
b) Grimacing
c) Sleeping
d) Fidgeting

Some relationships have a power differential where more authority is held by the person on one side of the relationship while the other person is in a _____ role.
a) submissive
b) therapeutic
c) practitioner
d) supervisory

Who is responsible for ensuring that the power differential is not abused?
a) Business owner
b) Client and practitioner equally
c) Client
d) Practitioner

When a client tries to personalize the therapeutic relationship, it is known as
a) imbalance of power
b) countertransference
c) transference
d) professional boundaries

Thinking excessively about a client between sessions is a sign of
a) countertransference
b) professional boundaries
c) imbalance of power
d) transference

A situation that combines the therapeutic relationship with a secondary relationship that extends beyond the massage practitioner/client relationship is called
a) fee for service
b) unprofessional behavior
c) countertransference
d) a dual relationship

Low levels of serotonin and dopamine are evidence of
a) mood elevation
b) therapeutic touch
c) depression
d) heart disease

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