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all of the following are indications that the client may be feeling discomfort and the massage may need to be altered in some way EXCEPT
a) fidgeting
b) smiling serenly
c) muscle contractions
d) flinching

each massage session should begin with a ___ to determine any changes in conditions or course of tretment
a) policy statement
b) short question and answer session
c) written consent
d) treatment plan

nonverbal communication is also known as
a) body language
b) first impressions
c) personal style
d) therapeutic language

operational policies in the massage practice may include all of the follwing EXCEPT
a) sexual boundaries
b) fee payment
c) Client History
d) missed or late opportunities

____, a listing of modalities the massage practice offers, is part of the policy and procedure manual
a) fees
b) qualifications of therapist
c) types of services offered
d) buisness policies

which one of the following questions should the massage therapist ask to get clues about what area of the clients body may be carrying stress
a) what do you do with most of you time (hobbies out side of work)
b) how did you find out about our massage services
c) Have you had surgery
d) have you recieved massage before

observation includes noticing how clients do all of the following EXCEPT
a) move their bodies
b) complete paperwork
c) react to manipulative tests
d) hold their bodies

the___ is an outline the practitioner can follow when giving massage treatments
a) treatment plan
b) interview
c) evaluation
d) consultation

additional info concerning the clients preferences is often provided in the
a) Interview
b) soap notes
c) evaluation
d) treatment plan

____ Is an educational process that ensures the client has recieved and understands the nature and extent of massage services
a) informed consent
b) observation
c) consultation
d) treatment planing

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