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Who is credited with first using the word
a) Hooke
b) Janssen
c) van Leeuwenhoek
d) Schwann

One finds total magnification by ___.
a) multiplying the eyepiece by the objective lens
b) adding the eyepiece and the objective lens
c) multiplying the low power and high power objective lens
d) adding the low power and high power objective lens

Of the following objectives, which should be down when transporting the microscope?
a) 4 X
b) 10 X
c) 40 X
d) 100 X

What happens as the power of magnification increases?
a) Less of the specimen is shown, but there is greater detail.
b) Less of the specimen is shown with less detail
c) More of the specimen is shown with less detail.
d) The view stays the same with all powers of magnification.

____ refers to the degreee of magnification.
a) Power
b) Objective
c) Occular
d) Reduction

The meaning of "scop" is ____.
a) see
b) small
c) light
d) near

The ____ controls the light coming through the specimen.
a) diaphragm
b) mirror/bulb
c) objective
d) adjustment knob

This makes large adjustments to the focus.
a) Coarse Adjustment Knob
b) Fine Adjustment Knob
c) Stage
d) Diaphragm

This makes small adjustments to the focus.
a) Fine Adjustment Knob
b) Coarse Adjustment Knob
c) Diaphragm
d) Stage

This directs light upward onto the slide.
a) LIght Source
b) Diaphragm
c) Stage
d) Nosepiece

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