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The Ling System of massage is more commonly known as
a) the European Movements
b) the Asian Movements
c) the Swedish Movements
d) the German Movements

Movements performed by the patient in cooperation with the therapist are called
a) therapeutic
b) active
c) duplicated
d) passive

A French barber-surgeon named _______ is credited with restoring the health of Mary, Queen of Scots, by use of massage.
a) Galen
b) William Harvey
c) Ambroise Pare
d) Mercurialis

De Medicina, written by _______, deals extensively with prevention and therapeutics using massage, exercise, and bathing.
a) Herodicus
b) Claudius Galen
c) William Harvey
d) Celsus

In his writings, Hippocrates used the word anatripsis, which meant the art of rubbing a part
a) upward
b) deeply
c) downward
d) lightly

The Japanese called the points of stimulation
a) tschanpua
b) tsubo
c) anmo
d) shiatsu

The Greeks made ________ and the regular use of massage part of their physical fitness rituals.
a) gymnastics
b) diet
c) bathing
d) exercise

Massage has been a major part of medicine for at least
a) 3,000 years
b) 1,200 years
c) 5,000 years
d) 500 years

The term massage, as well as the common names for the strokes (effleruage, petrissage, tapotement) and frictions, is generally attributed to
a) William Harvey
b) Johann Gerog Mezger
c) Herodicus
d) Douglas Graham

Charles Fayette Taylor, a New York physician, introduced the Ling methods to the United States in
a) 1858
b) 1851
c) 1813
d) 1839

________ wrote extensively on the benefits of massage and hydrotherapy and published Art of Massage: A Practical Manual for the Nurse, the Student and the Practitioner in 1929.
a) John Harvey Kellogg
b) Benjamin Lee
c) Douglas O'Graham
d) Albert J. Hoffa

Austrian physician _____ developed a method of gentle rhythmical massage along the surface lymphatics, accelerating lymphatic system function and treating chronic lympedema.
a) Maria Ebner
b) Emil Vodder
c) Elizabeth Dicke
d) Alber J. Hoffa

Elizabeth Dicke is credited with developing
a) Swedish Massage
b) Rolfing
c) Deep Transverse Friction Massage
d) Connective Tissue Massage

Massage that broadens the fibrous muscles, tendons, or ligaments, breaking down unwanted adhesions and restoring mobility to muscles is called
a) Deep Transverse Friction Massage
b) Swedish Massage
c) Effleurage
d) Connective Tissue Massage

Following World War II, _______ played a secondary role in physical therapy as more mechanical and electrical means of stimulation and rehabilitation gained popularity.
a) Swedish Massage
b) athletics
c) petrissage
d) manual massage

The development of the ________ in the 1960s placed more emphasis on prevention, recognized the importance of controlling stress, and advocated massage.
a) healthcare system
b) wellness model
c) human potential movement
d) athletic massage

_______ massage services were made available to the athletes for the first time at the 1984 Summer Olympics.
a) Deep tissue
b) Sports
c) Lymphatic
d) Swedish

_______, introduced in 1985 by David Palmer, is performed with the client clothed and seated on a special massage chair.
a) Table
b) Sports
c) Chair
d) Standing

A set of guiding moral principles that governs a person's choice of action is called a
a) decision-making strategy
b) moral code
c) code of ethics
d) personal guide

______ are personal comfort zones that help an individual mantain a sense of comfort and safety.
a) Exit strategies
b) Defense zones
c) Emotional zones
d) Boundaries

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