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(QR1) Which is a form of unlimited government?
a) Citizen
b) Democracy
c) Dictatorship
d) Scarcity

(QR7) How is a globe different from a map?
a) It is more distorted (Less Accurate)
b) It is easier to carry
c) It has only two dimensions
d) It is a more accurate model of the world

(QR7-Infer) An example of a thematic map is a map of
a) Roads in California
b) A body of water
c) Types of climate found in different countries in Asia
d) Towns and cities of Japan

(QR3) Which terms refers to a group of places close to each other that have things in common?
a) Adaptation
b) Region
c) Movement
d) Location

(QR3) On a map, a line that runs parallel to the equator is a line of ___________________.
a) latitude
b) longitude
c) Prime Meridian
d) Projection

(QR2-Infer) Interdependence between cultural regions has increased as a result of advancements in
a) Fashion
b) Transportation and Communication
c) Literature
d) Religious Beliefs

(QR1) The study and record of the past is known as ______________________.
a) government
b) history
c) economics
d) culture

(QR3/4) Which is a “theme” in the study of Geography?
a) Religion
b) Movement
c) Language
d) Government

(QR2) What do we call an area, or a group of places close to each other where people share a language, way of life, and/or set of beliefs?
a) Culture Region
b) Government
c) Market Economy
d) Geography

(QR3/5-6) Which of the following best describes the Prime Meridian?
a) 0 degrees Latitude
b) 0 degrees Longitude
c) The leader of the Decepticons
d) The leader of the Autobots

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