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Therapeutic ultrasound is a type of _____ that uses sound waves of a frequency between one and three megahertz
a) diathermy
b) hot compress
c) infrared radiation
d) wrap

Warmed paraffin is generally kept on the body for ____ minutes or until it no longer feels warm
a) 5-10 min
b) 10-15 min
c) 15-30 min
d) 30 or more

For extremities, a(n) ______ can be used to reduce inflammation
a) heating pad
b) immersion bath
c) steam bath
d) vasocoolant spray

______ are effective topical anesthetics used for trigger-point therapy and increasing the stretch in the muscles
a) compressor units
b) ice packs
c) immersion baths
d) vasocoolant spray

______ is alternating application of heat and cold for theraputic purposes
a) contrast therapy
b) cryotherapy
d) Ice massage

_____ are used for the local application of ice on a specific body part
a) cold compresses
b) ice packs
c) immersion baths
d) vasocoolant sprays

In the RICE acronym for first aid treatment, the E stands for
a) elevation
b) escalation
c) effect
d) effleurage

The primary purpose of cryotherapy is to _______
a) cause vasodilation
b) reduce tissue tempurature
c) repair muscle strain
d) reverse tissue damage

Which one of the following is NOT a contraindication for hot or cold water treatments
a) cardiac impairment
b) diabetes
c) open wounds
d) low blood pressure

Local application of heat causes which of the following
a) hypothermia
b) reduced nerve sensitivity
c) spasticity
d) vasodilation

An extended application (10-30 min) of cold to the body will have which one of the following effects
a) depression of metabolic activity
b) hyperthermia
c) stimulation
d) tissue damage

______ effects are produced by any of a variety of products added to bath water or steam such as essential oils, herbal preparations, salt, epsom salt, baking soda
a) chemical
b) mechanical
c) technical
d) thermal

Changes in body as a result of hydrotherapy are classified as all of the following EXCEPT:
a) chemical
b) mechanical
c) thermal
d) vapor

_______ is the use of heat for theraputic purposes
a) cryotherapy
b) hydrotherapy
c) palpation
d) thermotherapy

Which one of the following considerations must be taken into account when massaging the face?
a) avoid bridge of nose
b) avoid stroking around eyes if client wears contacts
c) use plenty of lubricant around delicate eye area
d) wear latex gloves for facial massage

When applying massage lubricant, which one of the following is correct?
a) chill the lubricant before application to desensitze superficial layer of skin
b) apply lubricant directly from the container to the body surface
c) put enough lubricant in the palm of your hand to apply a thin film over the entire body
d) rub your hands together to warm lubricant to body temp

The ______ bath exerts a soothing and relaxing effect on the body and is recommended for nervous and excitable people.
a) cool
b) neutral tub
c) saline
d) sitz

The _____ bath is given as a stimulant to the pelvic region
a) saline
b) sauna
c) sitz
d) whirlpool

Heat in a sauna is produced by a ____ heat source
a) dry
b) infrared
c) local
d) moist

Exposure time in a cabinet bath or steam canopy ranges from ____ minutes
a) 5-10
b) 10-20
c) 10-25
d) 15-30

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