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Sending an email to a person, pretending to be a real business, in an attempt to scam the user into sharing their private information.
a) Sexting
b) Online Identity Theft
c) Cyberbullying
d) Phishing

You have a disagreement with a friend from school. You get in trouble and feel its your friend's fault. You send a series of angry text messages, over and over, calling her names and even threatening her. What is this an example of?
a) Online Identity Theft
b) Sexting
c) Cyberbullying
d) Phishing

If you are a victim of Sexting or Cyberbullying, one of the first things you should do is tell a trusted adult.
a) False
b) True

What is Sexting?
a) Repeatedly harassing or bullying someone using technology.
b) Sending inappropriate images or messages using electronic devices.
c) Sending selfies to people you do not know.
d) Stealing someone's personal information to commit fraud.

What is Identity Theft?
a) Trying to get a person to share their private information by pretending to be their bank or another trusted business.
b) Bullying someone using elecronic devices.
c) Stealing someone's private information, without them knowing, to commit fraud.
d) Sending inappropriate images or texts using technology.

You should always keep your Social Security Number in your wallet or purse so you have it if you need it!
a) False
b) True

What is Cyberbullying?
a) Repeatedly harassing or bullying someone using technology or electronic devices.
b) Sending someone a mean message.
c) Stealing somones personal information to commit fraud.
d) Sending an inappropriate image using electronic devices.

It you receive an email from your bank asking you to login and verify your information, you should immediately click the link in the email and answer the questions.
a) False
b) True

If you receive an inappropriate image, you should forward it to people in your family to check if it is Sexting.
a) False
b) True

You got an email saying it is from your bank. The email explains a problem with your bank account. When you call the number, the person wants you to share your bank account number to verify it is really you. What could this be an example of?
a) Cyberbullying
b) Phishing
c) Online Identity Theft
d) Sexting

You receive an inappropriate image of a classmate at school. What should you do?
a) Forward it to your friends so they can decide if it is inappropriate.
b) Post it on Social Media
c) Don't forward the image and immediately tell a trusted adult!
d) Email it to the school principal so they can talk to the student.

How can you prevent from becoming a victim of Identity Theft? Choose the best possible answer!
a) Shred any trash that has personal information on it.
b) Do not shop from sketchy websites you do not trust.
c) Do not respond to ads or websites that say you won an iPad, Vacation, or other Prize.
d) All answers are correct!

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