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When you turn 18, you have the option to ________ in the Army, go to college, or start your career.
a) enroll
b) endorce
c) encourage
d) enlist

I strictly ________ my No Bullying rule.
a) enjoy
b) enforce
c) endanger
d) enclose

During RtI, we do intervention and ____________, so we can help kids and challenge them.
a) enlightenment
b) encouragement
c) endangerment
d) enrichment

Would you please ________ the photo so I can see it better.
a) encode
b) encircle
c) enlarge
d) enjoy

There is a great demand for __________ skills as technology jobs increase.
a) encoding
b) enlightening
c) endangering
d) encircling

I ___________ all of you to travel abroad!
a) enjoy
b) encourage
c) entrust
d) encode

I truly ______ reading and I hope that I can instill that passion in you!
a) enroll
b) endanger
c) encourage
d) enjoy

If you play in the road, you are __________ yourself.
a) enlightening
b) enrolling
c) endangering
d) enlisting

We have had 62 kids ____________ for summer school.
a) enroll
b) engage
c) enlist
d) endanger

Parents ________ their kids to the teachers.
a) entrust
b) endanger
c) encourage
d) enlist

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