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a) to put someone into harm's way
b) to cause harm
c) to bring someone into the game
d) to cause laughter

to cause an image to appear in one's mind
a) enlighten
b) entrap
c) enroll
d) envision

a) to bring into the dark
b) to cause inisghtfulness
c) to bring into a group setting
d) to cause greatness

cause to be caught
a) ensnare
b) enlighten
c) entrap
d) enroll

a) to cause confusion
b) to cause someone to understand
c) to cause disinterest
d) to cause positivity

to put into care or protection
a) ensnare
b) enlist
c) enport
d) entrust

a) to cause delight in
b) to cause feeling of disappointment
c) to put into a shape
d) to put into theory

to surround on every side
a) encircle
b) enlight
c) enclose
d) enlighten

a) to form a circle
b) to be all around in the shape of a circle
c) to be enclosed
d) half a circle

to send positive thoughts onto someone
a) enroll
b) endanger
c) encourage
d) enlighten

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