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What is a disadvatage of sexual reproduction?
a) Takes longer for the population to grow
b) Greater diveristy
c) Only one parent
d) Offspring are different from parent

Which type of organism would have te least genetic diversity in the population?
a) Birds
b) Flowering plants
c) Bacteria
d) Humans

Requires only one parent
a) Sexual Reproduction
b) Asexual Reproduction

A disadvantage of asexual reproduction might be
a) Only one parent
b) Faster population growth
c) Lack of diversity
d) Takes a long time to find a mater

An advantage of sexual reproduction is
a) Can be very fast
b) You get to look for the perfect mate
c) Greater gentic diveristy allows the spcies to survive a change in the environment
d) No genetic diversity within the species

A type of asexual reproduction sometimes used by plants
a) Using flowers for fertilization and seed production
b) Vegetative propagation
c) Fission
d) Gamete production

Bacteria reproduce using ___
a) Fission
b) A boy bacteria meets a girl bacteria
c) Budding
d) Fertilization

Both types of reproduction
a) Produce identical offspring
b) Produce offsprig with different characteristics
c) Pass traits to the offspring
d) Require the parents to take care of the offspring

Find the true statement
a) If you are female, you got your genes from your mother
b) You got genes from your grandparents
c) Traits are passed to te offspring through the DNA
d) All children in a family get the same genes

Budding, fission, and vegetative propagation each require
a) Two parents
b) A single parent
c) A multi celled organism
d) more time

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