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If you don't speak Spanish, you may _________ what someone speaking Spanish is trying to say.
a) mislead
b) misinterpret
c) misbehave
d) misjudge

If you miss someone you love, you can feel ___________.
a) mistake
b) mischevious
c) misled
d) miserable

Kids can be very _________ in the summer time because they have a lot of free time.
a) mislead
b) mischievous
c) midjudge
d) mistake

It is a ________ to lose a loved one.
a) mislead
b) misjudge
c) misfortune
d) misbehave

It's ok to make __________, it makes you human.
a) mistakes
b) misleads
c) misjudges
d) misbehaves

You should not ________ people, even if they are mean to you.
a) mistake
b) mislead
c) mistreat
d) misact

If you __________, you'll have to spend recess with me.
a) mistake
b) misbehave
c) midlead
d) misjudge

I often ______ words, that's why I love autocorrect.
a) mistake
b) mislead
c) misspell
d) misunderstand

I'm sorry, I ____________ the question.
a) misunderstood
b) mistook
c) misled
d) misused

I often ________ my coffee cup.
a) misplace
b) mistake
c) mislead
d) misbehave

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