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treat someone badly
a) mislead
b) mistake
c) mistreat
d) misspell

a) read the wrong book
b) take the wrong test
c) spelled a word wrong
d) a bad or wrong decision

spell a word the wrong way
a) misread
b) mislead
c) misspell
d) mistake

a) guide someone in a wrong direction
b) make a bad decision
c) bad choices
d) use a bad paper

make a bad or unfair decision about someone
a) mistrust
b) mislead
c) misjudge
d) mistake

feeling badly
a) misluck
b) mistake
c) miserable
d) mislead

a) bad luck
b) bad looking
c) bad test scores
d) bad food

act out badly or in the wrong way
a) misadventure
b) misbehave
c) miscount
d) misspell

a) make bad food
b) take bad tests
c) bad luck
d) make minor bad choices

a) take the wrong test
b) think the wrong thing about what was communicated
c) eat the wrong food
d) take a wrong turn

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