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There are a lot of __________ before movies.
a) proceeded
b) precooked
c) previews
d) previous

The great _________ roamed the Earth millions of years ago.
a) triceratops
b) triangles
c) trilinguals
d) tricycles

Due to my broken leg, I was _________ most of the summer.
a) incredible
b) inactive
c) untrue
d) undenyable

If you are going to travel across country, you should take the ___________.
a) international
b) interstate
c) intersection
d) internet

To ________ forest fires, completely drown your campfire.
a) prevent
b) preview
c) proceed
d) precut

Before you ride a two-wheel bike, you start on a _____________.
a) triceratops
b) trilingual
c) tricycle
d) triangle

My homework was ___________ because I was sick last night.
a) incapable
b) unpredictable
c) incomplete
d) unprepared

He had three _______________ in the last football game of the season.
a) intersection
b) interject
c) interceptions
d) interplay

a) answer before
b) done before
c) give permission before
d) talk before

a) three sides
b) three sided shape with three angles
c) three angles
d) three

a) strange
b) friends
c) neighbors
d) classmates

to break into a conversation between people
a) interjuct
b) interfere
c) interrupt
d) interstate

measure taken before to prevent harm
a) preapprove
b) preview
c) precut
d) precaution

race that combines three activities
a) triathlon
b) trirace
c) triangle
d) triacute

unbearable; can't take it
a) indiscriminate
b) intolerable
c) incline
d) inadvicable

a person or thing who helps translate the languages between different people
a) interstate
b) intersect
c) internet
d) interpreter

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