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There are a lot of __________ before movies.
a) preceded
b) precooks
c) previews
d) previous

To ________ forest fires, completely drown your campfire.
a) prevent
b) preview
c) precede
d) precut

I like to give a _______ so I can tell what you already know.
a) precede
b) preview
c) precook
d) pretest

At a lot of gas stations, you have to _______ for your gas before you can pump.
a) precede
b) preview
c) prepay
d) prevent

It's not nice to _______ people you don't know.
a) prejudge
b) preview
c) precede
d) prevent

We spend a lot of time on __________ in word study.
a) previews
b) prevents
c) prefixes
d) pretends

When your reading, it's a good strategy to _________ what's going to happen.
a) prevent
b) predict
c) precede
d) pretend

The first person in line, ________ all the others.
a) prevents
b) proceeds
c) pretends
d) previews

A _________ can help save people.
a) pretend
b) preview
c) precaution
d) prepay

I __________ extra recess.
a) preapprove
b) preceed
c) prepay
d) precaution

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