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a) answer before
b) done before
c) give permission before
d) talk before

measure taken before to prevent harm
a) preapprove
b) preview
c) precook
d) precaution

a) come after something else
b) before class starts
c) come before something else
d) caution before something happens

say what will happen before it occurs
a) precede
b) preview
c) preapprove
d) predict

syllable or word that comes before a root to change it's meaning
a) preview
b) prefix
c) precook
d) precede

a) guess before
b) make a decision before knowing all the information
c) making decisions before
d) before it happens

pay for something before you need to
a) preview
b) precede
c) precook
d) prepay

a) test before the real test
b) cook before hand
c) pay before you need to
d) guess before knowing

stop something before it occurs
a) preview
b) pretest
c) prevent
d) precede

a) taste something before others
b) test before the real test
c) look at something before others
d) answer before others

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