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Due to my broken leg, I was _________ most of the summer.
a) incredible
b) inactive
c) untrue
d) undenyable

My homework was ___________ because I was sick last night.
a) incapable
b) unpredictable
c) incomplete
d) unprepared

The candy was __________ because it was small.
a) inexpensive
b) ineffective
c) unkempt
d) unalike

The data was __________ because the boy had cheated.
a) unavailable
b) invalid
c) unreal
d) incomplete

Bullying is _____________!
a) unprepared
b) incomplete
c) inadequate
d) unexcusable

Her apology was ____________.
a) inaccurate
b) insincere
c) unprepared
d) unavailable

The math lesson was so boring, the students were _______________.
a) unprepared
b) unlikely
c) inadequate
d) unconscience

I was still _______________ about what movie to go see.
a) invalid
b) undecided
c) inappropriate
d) unavailable

After a day of doing hands-on art, the classroom was very ___________.
a) untidy
b) unavailable
c) invalid
d) inaccurate

I love getting gifts, but they are ___________.
a) inadequate
b) inaccurate
c) unnecessary
d) unavailable

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