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Sedimentary rock that is made of rock fragments with rounded edges is:
a) shale
b) breccia
c) conglomerate
d) sandstone

Chalk formed from sediments in the ocean (skeletons of microscopic organisms) must be:
a) clastic rock
b) igneous rock
c) chemical rock
d) organic rock

Heat that changes rock into metamorphic rock comes from:
a) heat from the mantle
b) chemical rocks in the crust
c) movements in the crust
d) the sun

Metamorphic rock that has grains arranged in parallel layers has a texture that is described as:
a) foliated
b) nonfoliated
c) coarse grained
d) jagged grained

Nonfoliated metamorphic rocks:
a) split into layers
b) usually have a rougher texture
c) have mineral grains lined up in parallel layers
d) are not arranged in layers and do not split into layers

The processes that slowly change rock from one kind into another is called:
a) erosion
b) evaporation
c) the rock cycle
d) crystallization

The following is NOT one of the possible stages in the rock cycle:
a) volcanic activity
b) melting
c) smelting
d) erosion

Sedimentary rock breccia is made up of:
a) rock fragments with sharp edges
b) large crystals
c) plant remains
d) skeletons of ocean organisms

The five main steps of the rock cycle include igneous rock, sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock and:
a) magma and sediments
b) erosion and deposition
c) compaction and cementation
d) lava and sedimentation

The process that causes the sediments forming sedimentary rocks is:
a) weathering
b) chemicals
c) compaction
d) cementation

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