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not lawful
a) immune
b) illogical
c) immature
d) illegal

to go down a slant
a) decay
b) decline
c) deny
d) decrease

an unfavorable situation that is not good
a) disagreement
b) disadvantage
c) dispair
d) displace

go outside the limits
a) exclaim
b) exceed
c) expire
d) exterior

A lot of fifth graders handwriting is ________________.
a) illiterate
b) improper
c) illegible
d) illogical

Be careful not to ___________ your paper.
a) denounce
b) delete
c) decrease
d) demerit

Friends can have ____________ and still be friends.
a) disapprove
b) disagreements
c) disorganized
d) dislike

a) not able to come to an agreement
b) not happy
c) not favorable
d) not happening in the present

a) not smart
b) against the law
c) doesn't make sense
d) not structured

If you are being rude, you may be thought to be _____________.
a) impolite
b) immobile
c) illogical
d) illegal

a) feeling down
b) nothing left
c) downward slope
d) going down

very tired out
a) exhale
b) exclaim
c) explain
d) exhaustion

It's my turn! __________ Sarah.
a) explored
b) excited
c) exterior
d) exclaimed

Often times, a teacher will ask you to ________ your answer.
a) exterior
b) exclaim
c) explain
d) explore

Food rations can be __________ quickly if people horde them.
a) demerited
b) declined
c) declared
d) depleted

If I say No, it's because I ____________.
a) disagree
b) disembark
c) disgrace
d) disloyal

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