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a) push out
b) outside
c) leave out
d) pull out

to get rid of, or out
a) extend
b) expire
c) extrenuos
d) exterminate

a) run out
b) shout out
c) talk outside
d) walk out

very tired out
a) exhale
b) explain
c) exhaustion
d) exclaim

a) breathe in
b) out of breathe
c) breathe out
d) outside

outside of something
a) expire
b) extend
c) explain
d) exterior

a) out run
b) out do
c) outside the timeline
d) outside

go outside the limits
a) exceed
b) expire
c) exclaim
d) exterior

to drive out
a) expel
b) extract
c) explode
d) explore

a) outside the perimeters
b) reach out
c) to search out
d) send out

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