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Make sure your ________ your plans with your parents.
a) disalarm
b) dislike
c) discontinue
d) discuss

Make sure you ________ your computer during a storm.
a) disarm
b) disconnect
c) dislike
d) discuss

I ________ of bullying.
a) disapprove
b) dislike
c) disarm
d) dismay

Whenever Pinocchio was __________ his nose would grow.
a) dismay
b) disapprove
c) dissway
d) dishonest

__________ plates are often used at picnics.
a) disapproved
b) disadvantage
c) disposable
d) dislike

Please _______ your trash in the garbage can.
a) dissway
b) discard
c) disarm
d) disapprove

Bad grades can __________ parents and teachers.
a) disapprove
b) disloyal
c) disadvantage
d) disappoint

Friends can have ____________ and still be friends.
a) disapprove
b) dislike
c) disagreements
d) disorganized

If I say No, it's because I ____________.
a) disagree
b) disgrace
c) disembark
d) disloyal

A __________ classroom drives me nuts!
a) disarmed
b) disliked
c) disorganized
d) displayed

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