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a) not worthy of being kept
b) not helpful
c) not accurate
d) not listening

not neat; not able to find things
a) disapproved
b) disorganized
c) disguised
d) disappropriate

a) not looking forward
b) not happy
c) not acceptable
d) not following the rules

a) not happy
b) not good
c) not happening
d) not appropriate

to not use anymore
a) disapprove
b) dislike
c) dislexia
d) discontinue

a) not forward moving
b) not able
c) not make someone proud or satisfied
d) not encouraging

a) not able to come to an agreement
b) not happy
c) not favorable
d) not happening in the present

an unfavorable situation that is not good
a) disagreement
b) disadvantage
c) dispair
d) displace

not polite; not corteous
a) dislike
b) disappropriate
c) disloyal
d) disrespectful

a) not able
b) not conscience
c) not leaving someone alone
d) not managable

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