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After gym class, you must drink water so you don't _________.
a) dehydrate
b) decline
c) decay
d) delay

If you eat too much candy, you teeth may _______.
a) denounce
b) deduct
c) decline
d) decay

To make a pulley system work, you must _________ the lever.
a) decline
b) decrease
c) depress
d) deduct

Some requests will be __________.
a) deleted
b) denyed
c) denounced
d) demerited

If you use a compost pile, the food will ___________.
a) denounce
b) decrease
c) decompose
d) deny

An important reading skill is the ability to ___________ words.
a) delete
b) decrease
c) decode
d) demerit

For subtraction, you _________ one number from another.
a) deduct
b) decrease
c) demerit
d) delete

Food rations can be __________ quickly if people horde them.
a) demerited
b) declined
c) declared
d) depleted

Be careful not to ___________ your paper.
a) denounce
b) delete
c) decrease
d) demerit

After climbing a mountain, you must begin the ___________.
a) declare
b) denounce
c) descent
d) demerit

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