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Thank you cards without signatures are very _____________.
a) improbable
b) illegal
c) imperfect
d) impersonal

If you've already had chickenpox, you are now ___________.
a) immobile
b) immune
c) illiterate
d) illogical

When people are tired, their speech may seem ______________.
a) improper
b) illegal
c) improbable
d) illogical

Nothing is ___________ if you put your mind to it.
a) impossible
b) illegal
c) imperfect
d) illegible

It is ____________ to rob banks.
a) improper
b) illiked
c) illegal
d) imperfect

If you break your leg, you will be ___________ without crutches.
a) illegal
b) improper
c) immobile
d) immaterial

If you are being rude, you may be thought to be _____________.
a) impolite
b) immobile
c) illogical
d) illegal

A lot of fifth graders handwriting is ________________.
a) illiterate
b) illogical
c) improper
d) illegible

I am very __________ when people don't try.
a) impatient
b) immovable
c) illogical
d) illegible

If you drop your cookie on the ground, it will become __________.
a) immovable
b) illogical
c) impure
d) illiterate

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