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a) indecipherable handwriting
b) not right
c) can't read or write
d) not possible

cannot wait for things
a) illogical
b) improbable
c) impatient
d) illiked

a) cannot be tolerated; unbearable
b) not possible
c) not perfect
d) cannot be seen

not suitable
a) impure
b) improper
c) illiterate
d) iladvised

a) unable to read
b) not right
c) a flaw or defect
d) not on time

a) not effected or resistant to
b) not fixed
c) not legal
d) not able to read or write

cannot be moved or changed
a) imperfect
b) ilmovable
c) immature
d) immovable

show off
a) immature
b) illiterate
c) illegal
d) immodest

a) not smart
b) against the law
c) doesn't make sense
d) not structured

not lawful
a) immune
b) illegal
c) illogical
d) immature

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