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If you're unsure if you are writing correct citations, you should...
a) Ask a librarian or your instructor.
b) Cross your fingers and hope for the best.
c) Don't risk it and leave out the citations entirely.
d) Ask your barista at Starbucks.

If I put an author's thoughts into my own words, do I have to cite it?
a) Since you wrote it in your own words, you do not have to cite it.
b) It's up to you if you want to cite it or not.
c) Putting it in your own words is called paraphrasing and you still must cite it.
d) You only have to do an in-text citation but no complete citation at the end of your paper.

Copying and pasting from the Internet can be done without citing the Internet page, because everything on the Internet is common knowledge and can be used without citation.
a) True
b) False
c) Maybe?
d) It's complicated.

Of the following types of information, which one does NOT need to be cited
a) Interviews
b) eBooks
c) Common knowledge
d) YouTube videos

You see in your class notes that your instructor said some things in class that would help support your argument in your speech. Do you have to cite information from your instructor's lecture?
a) No, if your teacher said it in class, you do not have to cite it.
b) No, you do not have to cite information spoken aloud.
c) No, you do not have to cite class notes because you wrote them down yourself.
d) Yes, you have to cite it because the thoughts were your instructor's, not yours.

If you provide in-text citations, should he also write a list of complete citations at the end of his paper?
a) No, the in-text citation is enough.
b) Yes, you have to provide both.
c) You only have to do both if you are citing a book.
d) You don't need to provide in-text citations, only a list of complete citations.

You need to cite....
a) Quotes only
b) Quotes and paraphrases
c) Paraphrases only
d) Any reference you make to another person's thoughts, research, or writings regardless of if you quote or paraphrase .

You need to include citations in your work because...
a) Citations add credibility to your arguments
b) If you don't cite your sources,you are guilty of plagiarism which can result in failing your assignment or worse.
c) Documenting sources is what scholars do when they are engaging in written academic conversations
d) All answers are true

Plagiarism is....
a) Really cool, you should definitely do it.
b) Putting other people's words or thoughts in your assignment without giving them proper credit through citations
c) Looking at another student's test and copying their answer.
d) A complex form of mathematics.

You copy and paste a few sentences from a web site into your paper. The web site doesn't list an author, sponsor or a date. You should:
a) Cite the web site using the information available.
b) You don't have to cite it if all the information isn't available.
c) You don't have to cite it because it's a website.
d) You don't have to cite it if it's only a few sentences.

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