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An angle that measures 180 degrees is a
a) straight
b) obtuse
c) right
d) acute

An angle that measures less than 90 degrees is a
a) right
b) straight
c) acute
d) obtuse

An angle that measures 90 degrees is a
a) acute
b) right
c) obtuse
d) straight

An angle that measures more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees is a
a) obtuse
b) straight
c) right
d) acute

When you turn an angle 1/2 a degree it measures
a) 45 degrees
b) 390 degrees
c) 90 degrees
d) 180 degrees

When you turn an angle 1/4 a degree it measures a
a) obtuse angle
b) right angle
c) straight angle
d) acute angle

A clock measures about how many degress
a) 90 degrees
b) 180 degrees
c) 360 degrees
d) 270 degrees

When you turn 3/4 of a turn you turn
a) 270 degrees
b) 180 degrees
c) 45 degrees
d) 90 degrees

Lines that intersect are called
a) perpendicular lines
b) parallel lines
c) ray
d) end point

lines that don't cross or intersect are called
a) perpedicular lines
b) line segment
c) parallel lines
d) end point

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