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I speak Spanish
a) Hablo español
b) Hablas español
c) Hablamos español
d) Ellos hablan español

¿Cómo te llamas?
a) Who are you?
b) What's his name?
c) What's your name?
d) What's her name?

Buenas tardes
a) Good morning
b) Good evening
c) Good-bye
d) Good Afternoon

Más despacio por favor
a) Faster please
b) Slower please
c) Later please
d) Sit down please

¿De dónde eres?
a) Where are they from?
b) Where is she from?
c) Where are you from?
d) Where is he from?

Tengo una pregunta
a) I have an answer
b) I have a dog
c) I have a problem
d) I have a question.

No entiendo. ¿Puede repetir?
a) I don't understand, Could you repeat that ?
b) I don't intend to do it, Will you repeat it?
c) I don't know, Did you repeat it?
d) I don't feel it, could you repeat the answer?

¿Sí? Dime.
a) Yes, of course
b) Yes, later.
c) Yes? What is it?
d) Yes, why not?

Cierren los libros.
a) Close your mouths.
b) Close your eyes.
c) Close you books.
d) Close your book bags.

Levántense, por favor.
a) Sit down, please.
b) Stand up, please.
c) Silence please.
d) Later please.

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