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What is your science teacher's name?
a) Ms. Wilson
b) Ms. Walton
c) Mr. Poland
d) Ms. ?

What team are you on?
a) Lynx
b) Panthers
c) cheetahs
d) Wildcats

How many classes do you have before lunch?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 1

When do you have leopard time
a) before lunch
b) after lunch

Who is your math teacher
a) Ms. ?
b) Ms. Wilson
c) Mr. Poland
d) Ms. Walton

Who is your language arts teacher?
a) Ms. Walton
b) Ms. Wilso
c) Mr. Poland
d) Ms. ?

Who is your social studies teacher?
a) Mr. Poland
b) Ms. Walton
c) Ms. Wilson
d) Ms. ?

Who is the AP?
a) Ms. Harmon
b) Ms. Summerfield
c) Mr. Warwick
d) Mr. Smith

Who is your guidance counselor?
a) Ms. ?
b) Ms. ?
c) Mr. Hambric
d) Ms. ?

When are electives?
a) After lunch
b) After Leopard time
c) After 2nd period
d) After 4th period

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