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The packed marbles represent molecules in a ____ substance
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gaseous
d) solid, liquid and gaseous

An example of a substance that sublimates is _____.
a) dry ice and camphor
b) dry ice
c) camphor
d) water

The P.E. of a body at a certain height is 300 J. The kinetic energy possessed by it when it just touches the surface of the earth is _____.
a) greater than PE
b) lesser than PE
c) equal to PE
d) either greater than or lesser than PE

Calculate the kinetic energy of a 30 kg mass moving with a speed of 4m/s.
a) 240J
b) 300J
c) 30J
d) 40J

A trebuchet launches a projectile by converting ______.
a) gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy
b) chemical potential energy to kinetic energy
c) kinetic energy to gravitational potential energy
d) kinetic energy to heat energy

An iron sphere of mass 30 kg has the same diameter as an aluminium sphere whose mass is 10.5 kg. The spheres are dropped simultaneously from a cliff. When they are 10 m from the ground, they have the same _______.
a) acceleration
b) kinetic energy
c) potential energy
d) momentum

In a roller coaster when you feel that you are being lifted out of the seat, the value of 'g' forces is ___.
a) negative
b) positive
c) doubled
d) tripled

A 900-kg mini truck moving at 60 mi/hr has a kinetic energy of about 3,20,000 J. Estimate its new kinetic energy if it is moving at 30 mi/hr.
a) 80 000 J
b) 90 000 J
c) 320 000 J
d) 480 000 J

A bicycle has a kinetic energy of 124 J. What kinetic energy would the bicycle have if it had, twice the mass and was moving at the same speed? It had the same mass and was moving with twice the speed?
a) 248 J 496 J
b) 496 J 248 J
c) 496 J and 248 J
d) 124 J 248 J

Rajiv is racing down Gandhi street at 32.8 m/s in his 1510-kg mini truck. Spotting a police with a radar gun, he quickly slows down to a legal speed of 20.1 m/s. Determine his initial and final kinetic energy.
a) 8.12 x 105 J 3.05 x 105 J
b) 3.22 x 105 J 3.05 x 105 J
c) 2.18 x 105 J 3.05 x 105 J
d) 1.82 x 105 J 3.05 x 105 J

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