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If you are going to travel across country, you should take the ___________.
a) international
b) interstate
c) intersection
d) internet

He had three _______________ in the last football game of the season.
a) intercestion
b) interject
c) interception
d) interplay

The ___________ is used very often in our daily lives now.
a) internet
b) interfere
c) interpersonal
d) interactive

A big part of my educational plan is make learning _________________.
a) interfere
b) interception
c) interactive
d) internet

You have to be careful crossing the ____________ in busy traffic.
a) interception
b) intersection
c) interjection
d) intermission

For long plays and concerts, they often include an _______________.
a) interject
b) interfere
c) intermission
d) interrupt

If you aren't bilingual, you will most likely need an ___________ to help you communicate in a foreign country.
a) interpersonal
b) interruption
c) interject
d) interpreter

It is rude to ___________ other's conversations.
a) interject
b) interfere
c) interrupt
d) intermission

I strongly suggest everybody take time to travel ________________ly after school.
a) international
b) interstate
c) interjection
d) interpersonal

_______________ skills are a huge asset for all people who plan to work with people.
a) interject
b) interpersonal
c) international
d) interstate

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