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Rotating a camera around its base from side to side is called?
a) Panning
b) Tilting
c) Rolling
d) Trucking

Pointing lens up and then down or vice versa to follow vertical action
a) Panning
b) Tilting
c) Rolling
d) Trucking

Moving the camera forward or backward to follow the action, it's similar to a zoom
a) Truck
b) Dolly
c) Zoom
d) Roll

The entire camera follows the action along a path.
a) Roll
b) Tilt
c) Truck
d) Pan

Involves moving the camera up and down using some type of device.
a) Pedestal
b) Tilt
c) Pan
d) Dolly

The shot that lets the audience know where the upcoming scene is taking place.
a) Long Shot
b) Medium Shot
c) High Angle Shot
d) Establishing Shot

The camera is positioned directly above the subject and points straight down.
a) Extreme Long Shot
b) Close-Up Shot
c) Birds Eye View
d) Oblique Angle

The camera angle is tilted in relationship to the horizon
a) Bird's Eye View
b) Horizonontal Shot
c) Oblique Angle Shot
d) Establishing Shot

Camera is positioned below a subject and shoots up towards them
a) High Angle Shot
b) Oblique Angle Shot
c) Low Angle Shot
d) Bird's Eye Shot

Camera is placed at eye level as one of the characters and shows their view point
a) Horizontal Position Shot
b) Reaction Shot
c) First Person POV Shot
d) Second Person POV Shot

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