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How would you test which would fall faster when dropped from a rooftop, a tennis ball or a bowling ball?
a) Measure the distance from the ground to the rooftop
b) Measure each ball on a balance to find which has a greater mass
c) Observe the balls falling from the same rooftop at the same time
d) Decide which ball bounces higher

What tool would be used to find if ice will melt faster than chocolate on a summer day?
a) Compass
b) Magnifying Glass
c) Thermometer
d) Stopwatch

Which of the following is needed to determine a ship's travel time
a) Speed of the ship
b) Current or tide flow
c) Phase of the moon
d) Mass of the ship

What is the proper sequence for a scientific investigation?
a) Hypothesis-Question-Conclusion-Experiment
b) Question-Hypothesis-Experiment-Conclusion
c) Conclusion-Hypothesis-Question-Experiment
d) Experiment-Conclusion-Question-Hypothesis

Which of the following safety precautions is the most important to observe when chemicals are used in an experiment?
a) Wear safety goggles
b) Keep records of the amounts of each chemical used in the experiment
c) Clean your work area
d) Locate the emergency exits

The predicted answer to a scientific question is called the _________
a) Conclusion
b) Data
c) Investigation
d) Hypothesis

The part of a scientific experiment that changes is the _____________
a) Control
b) Trial
c) Variable
d) Hypothesis

Who is responsible for safety in the science laboratory?
a) The teacher who holds class in the lab
b) The students who work in the lab
c) Everyone who uses and supervises the lab
d) The safety managers at each station

What would be the best tool to use to study a butterfly, without bringing it inside?
a) Microscope
b) Hand lens
c) Telescope
d) Balance

The tool used to measure mass is a _______________
a) Spring scale
b) Balance
c) Thermometer
d) Ruler

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