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At which location would seismic measurements indicate that the Earth's crust is thickest?
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Lake Erie
c) Gulf of Mexico
d) Mississippi valley

The thinnest section of the Earth's crust is found beneath
a) oceans
b) coastal plains
c) mountain regions
d) desert regions

Which statement best describes Earth's crust and mantle?
a) The crust is thinner and less dense than the mantle.
b) The crust is thinner and more dense than the mantle.
c) The crust is thicker and more dense than the mantle.
d) The crust is thicker and less dense than the mantle.

Compared to Earth's oceanic crust, Earth's continental crust is
a) thicker and composed of granite
b) thicker and composed of basalt
c) thinner and composed of basalt
d) thinner and composed of granite

The oceanic crust is thought to be composed mainly of
a) basalt
b) rhyolite
c) sandstone
d) granite

Compared to the continental crust of central North America, the oceanic crust of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is
a) younger
b) thicker
c) less dense
d) more felsic

Compared to continental crust, oceanic crust is
a) more dense, more mafic, and thinner
b) more dense, more felsic, and thicker
c) less dense, more felsic, and thicker
d) less dense, more mafic, and thinner

What are the two most abundant elements by mass found in Earth's crust?
a) oxygen and silicon
b) calcium and carbon
c) sodium and chlorine
d) aluminum and iron

Where is the thickest part of the Earth's crust?
a) under continental mountain ranges
b) under volcanic islands
c) at mid-ocean ridges
d) at the edge of continental shelves

To get sample material from the mantle, drilling will be done through the oceanic crust because
a) thinner than continental crust
b) younger than continental crust
c) softer than continental crust
d) more dense than continental crust

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