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Synthetic drugs which are used for athletes that improve strength, and are illegal to use.
a) Depressants
b) Stimulants
c) Hallucinogens
d) Anabolic steroids

This illegal drug is normally injected into a person's arm which is highly addicting, and would be considered a felony if caught using or possessing the drug.
a) Heroin
b) Alcohol
c) Tobacco
d) Cocaine

Illegal stimulant drug that may cause the user to have a heart attack and is normally snorted.
a) Alcohol
b) Heroin
c) Cocaine
d) Tobacco

Physical and mental symptoms felt when a person stops using an addictive substance:
a) Narcotic symptoms
b) Withdrawal symptoms
c) Alternative symptoms
d) All of the above

Joining a club or playing a sport are examples of:
a) Substance abuse
b) Addiction
c) Refusal Skills
d) An alternative to drug use

A group that offers help to teens with alcoholic parents is called:
a) Alateen
b) Al-Anon
c) Nar-anon
d) A hospital

A person develops _____________ when his or her body becomes used to the effects of medicines or drugs.
a) Cirrhosis
b) Fetal alcohol syndrome
c) Tolerance
d) Inhalants

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy may cause a baby to be born with ___________.
a) Physical birth defects
b) Mental birth defects
c) Fetal alcohol syndrome
d) All of the above

Heavy drinking can cause _______, or destruction and scarring of liver tissue.
a) Hallucitnations
b) Wrinkled skin
c) Cirrhosis
d) None of the above

Many ______________ are common household products.
a) Drugs
b) Fetal alcohol syndrome
c) Alcoholics
d) Inhalants

Doctors often prescribe ________________ for illnesses that are caused by bacteria.
a) Antibiotics
b) Bacteria
c) Tylenol
d) Advil

___________________ is a disease in which a person develops a physical and mental need for alcohol
a) Cirrhosis
b) Non-prescription
c) Alcoholism
d) Prescription

Alcohol is a _________________ that slows don the body's function and reactions.
a) anitbiotic
b) drug
c) alcoholism
d) inhalant

Certain drugs that doctors prescribe after surgery which relieve pain.
a) Tobacco
b) Narcotics
c) Stimulants
d) All of the above

What is the drug classification of cigaretts?
a) Depressants
b) Stimulants
c) Hallucinogens
d) Narcotics

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