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When working to resolve a conflict, it is important the mediator remain ___________, which means he or she does not take sides.
a) Concentrated
b) Neutral
c) Peer mediation
d) Negative

The ability to accept other people as they are:
a) Tolerance
b) Abuse
c) Communication
d) Friendship

What is neglect?
a) A pattern of mistreatment from one person to another
b) The ability to identify and share another person's feelings
c) The failure of parents to provide basic physical and emotional care for their children
d) A special relationship between people who enjoy being together

What is the definition of compromise?
a) Methods for saying no
b) When each person gives up something in order to reach a solution that satisfies everyone
c) A pattern of mistreatment of another person
d) The ability to accept other people as they are

What is an example of negative peer pressure:
a) Talking your friend into playing basketball
b) Talking your friend into trying out for the play
c) Studying with a friend
d) None of the above

Movements of the hands, arms, and legs used during communication, are called:
a) Posture
b) Gestures
c) Mixed messages
d) Refusal skills

Your _______ are your friends and other people in your age group.
a) Peers
b) Peer pressure
c) Family
d) Social

Methods for saying no are called _____________.
a) Peer pressure
b) Refusal skills
c) Peers
d) All of the above

Body language involves:
a) Facial expressions
b) Gestures
c) Postures
d) All of the above

__________ abuse occurs when an adult engages in sexual activity with a child or teen.
a) Verbal
b) Sexual
c) Mental
d) None of the above

The ability to identify and share people's feelings is called ___________.
a) Peers
b) Nurture
c) Reliable
d) Empathy

A _________ family is made up of two parents and one child or two or more children.
a) Divorced
b) Separated
c) Nuclear
d) Extended

Yelling at and putting down a family member is an example of __________ abuse .
a) Sexual
b) Physical
c) Verbal
d) All of the above

_________ is the use of physical force to harm someone or something.
a) Physical
b) Social
c) Neglect
d) Violence

___________ is a process in which a specially trained student listens to both sides of an argument and then helps solve the problem.
a) Peer recitation
b) Peer pressure
c) Peer mediation
d) Peer listening

The ________ is the basic unit of society.
a) family
b) nuclear
c) nurture
d) empathy

A _________ family, children live with only one parent.
a) nuclear
b) couples
c) single parent
d) extended family

________ is a process where students try to solve problems among students.
a) Peer mediation
b) Neutral
c) Conflict resolution
d) All of the above

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